ABC4L V2 – A new start – Wifi OSC

After months of sleep, a new start for my augmented bass clarinet. As in 2018 there is no more need to disassemble, wire, multiplex and sample data of wii nunchunk and wiimote to obtain a cheap IMU, I decided to […]

LABC-Project – Draft – 02 – embedded IMU

First try of piloting Usine with motions while playing bass clarinet.. Needs to work on sounds, no special musical interest here..  😉 but technical… Sounds are controlled : – by angles (middle graphs) => rhythmic sound – by angle’s accelerations […]

Composition with MAX/MSP: ‘Snobbish’ or not ?

Or how to get on partisan and opponent’s bad side… (auto translation) Yes, the title is provocative … For in this interrogation there are postures of principle and an allusion to passionate discussions between pro-and anti-. More broadly, it is […]