ABC4L V2 – A new start – Wifi OSC

After months of sleep, a new start for my augmented bass clarinet. As in 2018 there is no more need to disassemble, wire, multiplex and sample data of wii nunchunk and wiimote to obtain a cheap IMU, I decided to start a new prototype based on up to date electronic.

Before programming to far, I decided for the beginning to focus on the communication between bass clarinet and computer, in order to know which latency should I expect, and to decide if I’m staying with my V1 principle (adapted Xbee) or if a new approach should be much promising.

First tests with a Feather HUZZAH32 arduino compatible card, I programmed a OSC protocol, based on a wifi network.

In fact, despite the very comfortable format of OSC protocol, which would be definitely the best way to communicate with Usine Hollyhock, I think that it could not be a solution.  Indeed, measuring latency between my card and the DAW is, how should I say…, a little disappointing. (Even if I assume my wifi network has a good quality).


I have to do similar test with bluetooth LE (Midi BLE), and other bluetooth options, but it isn’t so simple to parameter that between arduino and windows 10.

I guess it would be the subject of next article, see you soon…