Bass clarinet and computer: Two hands, nine fingers used, remain one inch and two feet!



When the term “ergonomics” would make sense …

Few possibilities for the moment to control my effects: I envisage the purchase of a MIDI pedal board, but I do not exclude at mid term to achieve a steering interface that would allow to take advantage of the relative freedom of the right thumb as well as elbows.

The problem of the pedal board, is that playing on one foot Bb clarinet can be done, but playing on one foot the bass clarinet is already much harder! As for the other tracks and the use of the elbows, the whole risk of not being very aesthetic … Another option is promising: the use of a webcam coupled with moving on stage! All this looks great, but unreliable enough for now.

There are many precursors in different areas-here:

or here:

or in this list

or infrared: (Mmm there must be able to find a track)

But I did not find anything ready for a clarinetist … No one has an idea? A little comment?

Until then, I will continue to make music with the feet …